No need to hold your breath anymore, YYC! After months of anticipation and worry, one publication has announced that Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall (home of the post Stampede mistake) has been saved!

As we’re sure you all remember, the popular country bar was closed and put up for lease last fall, with the previous owners pleading with the public for a buyer that would keep the property as-is.

Shortly after, various interior items including tables, chairs, liquor and even the iconic mechanical bull were sold at auction, which was heartbreaking but necessary in order to appease the bank who seized the items in the first place.

As for who finally purchased Ranchman’s? Well, according to the Calgary Herald who originally broke the story, they have asked for their identity to remain a mystery for the time being. However, realtor Rob Campbell did mention that this certainly isn’t their only asset in YYC.

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“They own a large amount of property in Calgary and their intention is to keep the building the way it sits for now and find a new tenant,” Campbell told the Calgary Herald.

Unfortunately, for those who heard the news and immediately thought “but will it be open in time for July?!” Campbell also addressed this – saying that he doubts it.

Despite Alberta’s plan to reopen the entire province in time for the Greatest Show on Earth, the new owners will likely need more time to get everything together, after all – it hasn’t actually seen a single customer since March of 2020.

There’s always next year though, so don’t let those dancing boots get misplaced! You’ll still need them in time.

No matter what their grand re-opening date may be, this is still fantastic news for the honky tonkin’ community and really Calgary as a collective.

Ranchman’s is practically historic and it’s pretty cool to see the community come together to keep that intact. We can’t wait to see people take to their patio once again – it’s been a long time coming.


Where: 710 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB