A greeting used by kids for ages, “trick or treat,” has become synonymous with October 31st and as it turns out, the phrase may have Canadian roots.

While it’s worth noting that a Wiki word sleuth claims Ontario may have been the first, Alberta is credited by most for combining those 3 magic words. Either way, The Great North played a large part in ‘Halloween’ as we know it!

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“Like the rest of Halloween, trick-or-treating evolved over time,” The City of Edmonton explains.

“Trick-or-treating rituals like parading in the streets, begging for treats, and wearing costumes were all elements of pre-existing celebrations, including All Saints’ Day, Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.”

According to the archives, going door to door later became common practice in the 1920s – though you probably wouldn’t find many well-behaved children on your porch.

“At that time the young revellers would prey mostly on businesses, demanding treats while threatening tricks. Apples were a popular reward, hence the saying “Halloween apples” rather than “trick or treat.”

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Luckily, the health of it all didn’t stick and a new address was born thanks to a journalist’s report on these Halloween ‘hooligans.’

“The earliest recorded usage of the phrase “trick or treat” comes from Blackie, Alberta,” they explain.

“In 1927 a newspaper article reported on pranksters demanding “trick or treat” at houses.”

Fast forward and houses from coast to coast have leaned into the sweeter salutation, offering far more than crunchy red fruit to those roaming the streets.

So there you have it!

Not only is Wild Rose Country responsible for ginger Beef, the Caesar, and the portable urinal – Alberta they’re also to thank for ‘Trick-or-Treat, ‘ one of the most well-known phrases in modern history.

Now go forth and dazzle everyone with this new information then thank us when it makes you the most interesting person at the dinner table.

Happy chatting and remember to trick or treat yourself! You deserve it!