You wouldn’t know it, because Albertans are actually quite humble, but some of the world’s most delicious and useful products, foods and drinks were actually thought up right here in the wild rose province. From a revolutionary hot tub to Canada’s favourite cocktail, here are 10 of the coolest things that were invented in Alberta.


Despite people all over the world claiming the dish as their own, Ginger Beef was actually invented right here in YYC. It all went down in the 70s when George Wong, a chef at the Silver Inn, was looking for a way to boost business in Chinatown, which certainly was not as busy as it is today. To do this, he came up with a dish that would appeal to the western crowd, while still staying true to his heritage. – thus, Ginger Beef, a perfect combination of the two, was born.


Another delicious feat created by a Calgarian! Known for its spicy rim and tangy base of Clamato Juice and vodka, this delicious hangover cure was invented by Walter Chell in 1969 at the Calgary Inn (now known at the Westin Hotel). Year’s later, it has been coined Canada’s official cocktail and is celebrated not only from sip to sip but also at Caesar-dedicated festivals all over the country.


Used mainly by children and women, the portable urinal or ‘folding cup’ as it’s also known, was actually thought up by Alberta Stubbs in Lethbridge way back in 1920. Only a year later, Chloe Davies a mother of six actually designed the device in a way that would make travelling more comfortable and compact for everyone, and man, did it ever! Thanks, ladies!


Also invented in Lethbridge? What else but the bear-proof garbage! Engineered by Dennis Neufeldt in 1983, we can’t even imagine National Parks like Banff or Jasper without them – so thanks, D! You really are the MVP!


While chalkboards are classic and although projectors are a ton of fun, the SMART Board is where it was at. Created by David Martin and Nancy Knowlton from Calgary in 1991, the learning tool has become wildly successful all over the globe – benefitting both the teacher AND the students thanks to its sleek design and easy-to-use programming.


There’s just something about a squeezy bucket that makes having to mop a tad less painful and ‘ya know what? We have an Albertan to thank for that! Invented in 1973 by Catherine Jackimszyk, the mop squeezer and pail was invented to ‘reduce the drudgery of having to clean up big messes!


Created by Dr. Jacqueline Shan and Dr. Peter Pang, Cold-FX the pre-flu wonder drug was actually invented right here in Alberta. Talk about a lifesaver in-between seasons! Thanks, you two, we owe you major big time.


Though they are originally from Germany, it wasn’t until Ted Wolff Gudrun Von Selzam moved to Alberta that they started selling their KinnickKinnick products, Gluten-free baking and ingredients that tasted INCREDIBLE.  Because they practically introduced Albertans to the health-conscious concept and substitute mix-ins,, celiac-friendly goodies are now available at popular bakeries and shops all over the province.



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Consider the fact that the winter season practically rules the province for 6 months out of the year, is it any surprise that a cold-proof hot tub was invented in Alberta? Now the best selling brand in the country, Arctic Spa Hottub, was invented by Dennis Kellmen, Darcy Amendt, and Brett Macklin in Edmonton back in 1994.


Finally, we’ve got the pizza perogy. Is it any wonder that, in a province where various towns have created larger-than-life monuments to Ukrainian and Polish cuisine, we would have also made something like the perogy even tastier? Invented by Walter Makowecki of Edmonton, this European-North American hybrid food is stuffed with cheese, Italian seasoning, tomatoes, onions and peppers. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Well, there you have it, folks! 10 things that were invented here in Alberta! Man, do we live in a province of smarty pants or what? No, we didn’t create sliced bread, but we get to claim the caesar and that’s pretty dang close!