Toronto is a city with plenty of farmers’ markets, but this one is the first of its kind. Deeply Rooted is Toronto’s first-ever Black and Indigenous farmers’ market, highlighting Black and Indigenous vendors and making fresh locally-sourced foods more accessible to these communities.

“Our market will be a place where our community can teach, learn and connect with one another – to share their different cultures through their food,” the description says.

“Our market will also generate and circulate money within Black and Indigenous communities to combat the injustices within the food industry.”

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“Quality food contributes to a greater quality of life, which everyone is equally deserving of. Farmers markets have, unfortunately, been largely white spaces where racialized people are often underrepresented amongst farmers, vendors, and patrons alike.”

The organizers of Deeply Rooted seek to combat the inequality in the farmers’ market space by breaking the barriers that stand in the way of equal opportunity.

At the market, you’ll find a variety of fresh and in-season fruits, vegetables, ready-made food, and artisan goods sourced directly from local farmers and creators.

Deeply Rooted also plans to have live performers at its market, including painters, musicians, and singers.

In an effort to inspire new vendors to participate, Deeply Rooted has made the entire month of May free for new sign-ups and will offer registration at a discounted rate for the whole season. Vendors can even have their booths operated by the market’s dedicated team of volunteers.

The market is easily accessible by TTC too via the 56 Leaside bus from Donlands subway station.

So, the next time you plan to shop for some fresh local produce, the Deeply Rooted market is definitely place you need to be.


Where: 455 Cosburn Ave
When: Every Sunday until September 25, 2022