You know that time of year in Seattle where you sit there honestly wondering if you’ll ever see the sun again? Well, good news folks, it’s officially over. Even more so because daylight saving time is back starting this Sunday.

Now you may be thinking, why? Didn’t we get rid of that? And the answer is sort of. In 2019, the state legislature passed a bill to keep Washington permanently on daylight saving time. However, as is the case with many bills, it’s taking its sweet time to be passed.

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Is this because everything moves slower in Washington, we’re not sure. But what we do know is that there are opinions on both sides of the argument probably making the process that much longer. So while things remain out of all of our control, it looks like we’ll lose another hour this Sunday.

While somewhat annoying, keep in mind this means we all get an extra hour of sun. And considering how vitamin D-deprived we all are, we definitely need it. So let this weekend be an excuse to go to bed a little bit earlier, your body will thank you. Happy spring, Seattle!