Fremont is full of weird and wacky things and if you’ve ever walked or driven under the Aurora Bridge you may have noticed a large creature of sorts. Have no fear, that’s simply the Fremont Troll who resides under the bridge. Here’s how it came to be.

In 1989, the underside of the Aurora bridge was an unsightly place, a garbage dumping ground, and a haven for shifty characters. After careful consideration, creative Steve Badanes won the competition with a submission inspired by the folktale Billy Goat’s Gruff. Badanes knew that the watchful eye of a massive troll would be the solution to keeping Seattle’s real trolls away.

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While it may seem like the troll will spring to life any minute, it’s unlikely as it’s made from “rebar steel, wire, and 2 tons of messy ferroconcrete.” Plus, at 18 feet tall with its glaring metal eye you probably wouldn’t want to face the troll. Especially because it has easy throwing amo, a crushed Volkswagen Beetle in its left hand.

On the topic of that Volkswagen, it’s worth mentioning that it once held a time capsule for Elvis Memorabilia until it was vandalized. Here’s to many more decades of the troll, next time you’re in Fremont be sure to be on your best behavior because the Fremont Troll might just get you.