Do you hear that? It sounds like the faint tune of ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship’. It’s setting the mood, because the coolest Airbnb in Washington we’ve found today definitely throws some major Lord of the Rings vibes, and we’re here for it.

Welcome to the Underground Hygge

lord of the rings airbnb

This beautiful and unique home is nestled right into the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge mountainside. As such, it’s surrounded by the amazing rolling hills of Southeast Washington. Trust us, there’s a lot more to this home than just a beautiful location.

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lord of the rings airbnb

The entrance to this home is a round doorway that will have you feeling like you’re stepping into Middle Earth. Then, the inside is every bit as Tolkien-esque as you would expect.

The home is complete with stone and wood accents as well as the stucco features of earthen houses. Some of our favorite details include the leatherworking table, tree stump chessboard, and wood-accented bathroom.


Now, we will note that this home lacks some of the amenities you’re probably used to in other Airbnbs. The Underground Hygge does not have wifi, a kitchen or TV. And it’s also important to mention that this home sits on a steep hill that requires all-wheel drive if you’re planning on staying in the winter.

Make sure you take these things into consideration. You know, we just like to look out for you guys. Wouldn’t want you getting stuck in a snowpile on the way to your unqiue winter getaway, or forgetting to bring snacks and a gas stove.


That aside, overall we think this stay is probably best for when you need to get out of the city a bit and just relax. We’re feeling a full technologgy detox with out own company out here. Plus, the home sits on 6 acres of land, which gives you plenty of space to explore. You’ll be feeling like Frodo in no time.

So if you’re ready to live your best hobbit life at this ultimate Lord of the Rings Airbnb, click here.