If you’re on the job market or looking for new opportunities in the Vancouver area – we know it can feel like your options are pretty limited. However, there are companies out there transitioning to (or piloting) a 4-day work week to1 set themselves apart from the rest, and they are hiring! Let’s get into it.

The coveted 4-day work week is exactly how it sounds – making every weekend a long weekend. For employees, it means greater job flexibility and typically, increased well-being. For employers, it means attracting and retaining talent and oftentimes achieving greater business growth.

Of course, every model has its pros and cons. But if working Monday to Thursday sounds like your jam, then we have a few Vancouver companies to toss your way.



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Coconut was founded by 2018 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Katherine Regnier. The software company makes it easy and seamless for customers to connect with their financial institutions through enterprise appointment scheduling and lobby management solutions – as used by leading North American banks and credit units like RBC, Vancity, and Rogue Credit Union.

Currently, Coconut is hiring four remote roles in Canada: Two Customer Success Specialists, a Sales Operations Manager, and a Senior Developer. Employee benefits include 18 paid days off, flexible working hours, an internet subsidy, and an employee stock option plan.

Where: Canada, Remote

Code Busters

Code Busters is a software development agency whose mission is to help startups and small businesses get their product online seamlessly. They use their own Flow Code to build an app’s standard features and flows, and ultimately cater to the unique aspects of each business. Benefits include a 20-day vacation policy, 20 days of PTO, and flexible working hours.

Right now, they’re hiring a Senior Software Engineer/ Team Lead.

Where: Canada, Remote


Produce8 is an app that brings all app activity to one place to create stronger remote teams. Teams can create and manage a shared digital environment to maximize transparency and productivity in their daily lives.

Currently, they have four open positions to consider: A Sales Development Representative and Account Executive based in Vancouver, and a remote Customer Support Specialist, QA/Software Developer, and Front End Developer. Benefits include a remote or hybrid work model, flexible hours, a stock option plan, healthcare, dental, and vision coverage, and computer/software setup.

Where: 1021 West Hastings



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Procurify is a purchasing software company that helps organizations empower their teams by simplifying business spending. In terms of their work culture and benefits, they’re committed to providing their employees with a remote-first model, in addition to a 4-day work week. Currently, they have five open roles that are all remote: Engineering, Product, & Design and Finance & Operations.

Where: 455 Granville Street, #500

Brace Yourself Games

This Vancouver-based independent game studio has “rolled up” some of the best independent game developers from around the globe. Employees are passionate about creating standout games, and enjoy benefits like flexible working hours, a profit-sharing program, and an equipment allowance.

Currently, Brace Yourself Games is looking to hire a Senior Technical Animator/Rigger and a Senior Unreal Engineer in Vancouver.

Where: 6866-2785 Commercial Drive

Blackbird Interactive


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While Blackbird Interactive always accepts general applications from those interested in creating interactive experiences, the company has several roles open at the moment. The roles include Senior Technical Artist, Technical Animator, Producer, and Vice President, Partner Productions.

The company designs games and compelling worlds ranging from Minecraft Legends and their original IP, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, to the ever-popular Homeworld franchise.

Their new 4-day workweek model is just the cherry on top, adding 40 extra paid vacation days per year. Employees can choose from a WFH or hybrid model.

Where: 400-565 Great Northern Way

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David Suzuki Foundation


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The David Suzuki Foundation is a science-based non-profit working to protect nature’s diversity and further climate action across Canada and beyond. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, the Foundation’s staff have actually enjoyed a 4-day work week since its founding over three decades ago. Talk about being ahead of the curve!

If you’re interested in environmental work at an inclusive organization, the Foundation is currently hiring a Salesforce Administrator, Communications Specialist, Senior Coordinator for their National Operations team, and Development Officer for Grants & Reporting.

Where: 2211 West 4th Avenue #219

And that’s a wrap on some companies with a 4-day workweek hiring in Vancouver right now. Best of luck!