The 4-day work week trend is rapidly growing in Canada, with its own dedicated non-profit spearheading the pilot project. 4 Day Week Global just released the largest ever 4 day work week pilot results, and here’s what they found.

According to the results, 92% of the companies will be continuing the 4 day week. They also found that the average revenue increased by 35% compared to the previous year, and less staff are leaving the job (at -57%).

In terms of overall health, the report stated that workers had improved physical health (37%), along with mental health (43%). Overall absenteeism decreased, and burnout was reduced by 71%. As well, hiring became easier for participants.

4 Day Week Global has listed Canadian companies taking part in their pilot. And luckily for job seekers, some are currently hiring with remote options.

From software engineering to data science, to marketing, here are 12 companies with a 4-day work week to check out.


Partnered with Apple and Salesforce, Tulip provides retailers with a suite of cloud-based solutions that allow them to overcome industry challenges, build connections with customers, and optimize operations. In addition to working a 4/4.5 day work week, their benefits include flexible working hours, generous parental leave, health insurance, and an equipment allowance.

Right now, they’re hiring remote roles in product management and design, solutions engineering, and development.

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Brace Yourself Games

This Vancouver-based independent game studio has “rolled up” some of the best independent game developers from around the globe. Employees are passionate about creating standout games, and enjoy benefits like flexible working hours, a profit-sharing program, and an equipment allowance.

Currently, Brace Yourself Games is looking to hire a 3D Character Artist and an Animator in Vancouver.

Polar (now Nova) 

Now re-branded to Nova, this company spans 30 countries and currently provides advertising technology to over 200 agencies and publishers. While they’re not currently hiring, their benefits are definitely worth noting for the future. 100% remote, a solid vacation policy, flexible working hours, and of course, a 4-day work week at 100% salary.



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Procurify is a purchasing software company that helps organizations empower their teams by simplifying business spending. In terms of their work culture and benefits, they’re committed to providing their employees with a remote-first model, as well as unlimited paid time off, extended health benefits, and more.

Currently, Procurify has several open roles that are all remote: Senior Manager of Implementation, Senior Product Manager, and an Account Executive.


MavTek is an e-commerce and digital content delivery platform that utilizes the latest cloud infrastructure. What’s more, they’re one of the top 400 fastest-growing companies in terms of bandwidth usage overall. Benefits include a home office subsidy, a profit-sharing program, healthcare coverage, and the ability to work remotely as well as abroad.

MavTek does not currently have any open positions.


Lime is a software company working with healthcare organizations and medical services to improve patient care and satisfaction. Their end-to-end patient relationship platform utilizes HCAPS and Accreditation Canada survey tools to allow organizations to get instant feedback.

While they’re not hiring at the moment, Lime offers employees flexible working hours, a good vacation policy, and dental care.


This email production platform allows teams to streamline their entire email creation process. Users can create pre-tested, on-brand email blocks without needing to code. In terms of benefits, Dyspatch offers all employees 3 weeks of paid vacation the minute they start with the company, as well as a winter holiday, and personal time.

And while they don’t currently have any open roles, you can submit a general application for when they are.



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Coconut was founded by 2018 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Katherine Regnier. The software company makes it easy and seamless for customers to connect with their financial institutions through enterprise appointment scheduling and lobby management solutions – as used by leading North American banks and credit units like RBC, Vancity, and Rogue Credit Union.

Currently, Coconut is hiring a mix of remote roles in product and tech, software development, marketing, and customer service. Employee benefits include 18 paid days off, flexible working hours, an internet subsidy, and an employee stock option plan.

Code Busters

Code Busters is a software development agency whose mission is to help startups and small businesses get their product online seamlessly. They use their own Flow Code to build an app’s standard features and flows, and ultimately cater to the unique aspects of each business. Benefits include a 20-day vacation policy, 20 days of PTO, and flexible working hours.

Right now, they’re hiring a Full Stack Developer and Senior Software Engineer.


This book production software supports new models for publishing, with an emphasis on providing open educational resources (AKA – free digital textbooks). Employees enjoy a 25-day vacation policy, 25 days of PTO, yearly tech and wellness allowances, and healthcare coverage.

Currently, Pressbooks has an open position for a Customer Support Specialist.


Since 2014, GBL has helped the iGaming industry take advantage of the rapidly growing digital currency market. The software development agency has worked in blockchain payment processing, Bitcoin game development, and payment switch tech (GBL Pay). In terms of benefits and work culture, employees at GBL enjoy healthcare coverage, flexible working hours, team events and catered lunches, and quarterly offsites.

Right now, GBL is looking to fill three remote Software Developers (Backend).


Last but not least, we come to Mayday, a company whose mission is to help everyone create better balance in their workday through a smart calendar. As such, employees at Mayday enjoy competitive compensation and stock options, flexible hours and location, and work-from-home stipends.

Note that Mayday is not currently hiring.

And that’s a wrap on 12 Canadian companies implementing a 4-day work week. Check back with some of these companies, as more roles may open up in the near future!