As if winter 2022 couldn’t get any chillier for parts of Canada, some of the coldest air on Earth is making its way to the western part of our country.

As confirmed in a recent report by the Weather Network, freezing air from Siberia (which plunged to -61°C this week) will blow across the Arctic Ocean and through northern Alaska before diving south across the Yukon and Nunavut, then into Alberta and BC.

“Some of the worst cold snaps in Canadian history originate from Siberia,” they wrote.

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“This upcoming weekend features a ridge building across western Alaska, making the backside of the ridge a perfect conduit to rush the cold air across British Columbia and the Prairies.”

Now, while the air will warm up on its way south, daily highs still may have a tough time climbing out of the minus 30s during the ‘outbreak’ next week, so people should plan ahead and consider staying inside – if they can help it. 

Some cities and towns may see temperatures closer to -40°C, so please – be safe and stay warm.

As for the white stuff? Well, it’s too soon to tell for some areas – but as the network explained, “some of the most memorable snow events in Canadian history have tapped into similar setups and delivered mind-numbing amounts of snow.”

Our opinion? Even if you’re along the coastline, have a shovel handy.

It’s going to be a wild ride, Canada – “the coldest air on Earth” is no joke!