In our own non-biased opinion, we all know the CNE is well known for its delicious food offerings from the wackiest to the most complimentary of combinations. But did you know that there’s a secret menu filled with the most mouthwatering creations? We’ve got the scoop on the CNE’s Secret Menu and here’s what to know.

Every year we wait in anticipation to see what wild foodie offerings pop up at the CNE. We’ve already had a taste of what this year’s CNE has in store, including the Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival.

But if you’re looking to impress your friends, your date, and your pallet, here’s a menu you need to check out. Here’s what’s on the CNE Secret Menu.

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Ice Elote Cone on the Cob

This double-sided ice cream cone is meant to be eaten like corn. It will feature peach mango-flavoured ice cream with Mexican seasonings and fruits, according to the vendor.

Where: Caf-Eh T.O

Caramel Apple Chimney Cone

Stop by Eva’s Original Chimneys and ask for the Caramel Apple Chimney Cone. Expect layers of vanilla ice cream, apple pie, caramel sauce, and Skor.

Where: Eva’s Original Chimneys


Timmy’s got you covered! Creamsicle turned drink. Refreshing and sweet.

Where: Tim Horton’s

Peanut Butter & Jack Daniels Jelly Chicken Wings

This is a Thai-inspired peanut sauce with homemade Jack Daniel’s Blackberry Jam sauce. Talk about delicious

Where: Wing Kxng Food Truck

Spicy Thrilla Dilla

Stop by Cheese Headz and ask for the Spicy Thrilla Dilla – it’s a spicey pickled poutine.

Where: Cheese Headz

Fawaffle Dogs:

Ouu a fallafel waffle dream! This is a Falafel encrusted hotdog, sort of like a corndog, that is baked and not fried and completely gluten-free. It’s paired with a Chipotle Hummus Dip.

Where: Alijandro’s Kitchen

Moh’ Corn Dogs:

Halal corn dogs with vegetable gravy.

Where: Bubba’s Butterfly Chips

Crispy Honey Butter Tater Tots:

Topped with smoked cheddar mac and cheese and whiskey pulled pork.

Where: Get Your Own Taters