Hold onto your wallets! Starting in the new year, locals will be paying more for some City of Toronto services.

The City has announced that it will be increasing rates and fees for Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Water.

City Council has approved a 3% increase, which will take effect on January 1st, 2023.

The fee increase is below inflation and will help prevent a “larger increase” later in the year when the final budget is approved, according to the City.

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Photo via City of Toronto

Here’s how much more Toronto residents will be paying for Solid Waste Management in the new year:

  • Smal bin: $286.69 (an increase of $8.35)
  • Medium bin: $348.03 (an increase of $10.14)
  • Large bin: $472.68 (an increase of $13.77)
  • Extra large bin: $548.26 (an increase of $15.97)

As for water services, the average Toronto household uses 230 cubic metres of water per year.

That means that water and wastewater consumption will cost roughly $29 more per year, or eight cents per day, for a total of $1,009 in 2023.

Toronto Water allows us to have safe drinking water. It’s also in charge of wastewater collection, treatment and stormwater management, as well as constructing and renewing infrastructure to support the city’s growth and deal with the effects of climate change.

These fee increases will be adjusted in the final budget, which will allow these services to maintain their current levels and allocate funds to support future needs.

Amid inflation and rising interest rates, an increase in utility bills is the last thing we need. But, it’s safe to say that we can’t afford to live without these essential City of Toronto services.