Are you in the market for a new job? Perhaps a government job? Well if working for the City of Seattle sounds appealing you’re in luck because they’re hiring for over 150 jobs. From outdoors to administration, they’re looking for people with all sorts of different skills, here’s a look at what you could do.

The City of Seattle has 27 different departments, right now the departments with the most open positions are Seattle Public Utilities (21 jobs), Seattle Parks & Recreation Department (24 jobs), Seattle City Light (26 jobs), and Seattle Department of Transportation (16 jobs).

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Most jobs currently listed on the city’s website pay hourly with wages varying depending on the job and its department. That being said there are a few salaried positions, mostly in the city’s legal department.

Employees who are not part of the following unions, Local 77 I.B.E.W., Seattle Police Officers’ Guild, or Firefighters Local 27, are eligible for “most” of the city’s coverage.

Benefits from the coverage include the ability to chose medical, dental and vision plans. Some optional plans include flexible spending accounts, group term life insurance and more.

Two of the most prevalent jobs on the city’s website include administrative jobs and assistant jobs. These rolls vary entirely depending on the department and range in hourly wage from $26.05-$41.06.

If you’d like to apply for a position you can do so through the city’s website. Keep in mind applications will not be accepted after 4:00 PM on the closing date and the city asks that you include all the relevant education and experience you possess in your application. If the application is incomplete it will be rejected.

With that, good luck!