We’re less than a week away from fully bloomed cherry blossoms, Toronto! High Park Nature Centre has been keeping a close eye on the blooms as Sakura season approaches, and according to them, April 22nd is the big day.

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High Park Nature Centre posted an update to its Cherry Blossom Watch blog, stating that as of April 15th, “the cherry blossoms in High Park have reached stage 4 of the bloom development process.”

That means that the peduncles or flower stems are getting longer and the individual florets can be seen clearly now.

Even better news is that High Park Nature Centre says to get ready because “we expect to reach peak bloom in High Park on Monday, April 22.”

As of April 22nd, cherry blossom spectators can expect to see full blooms for four to ten days, depending on the weather conditions.

We’ll want to see cool, calm weather to prolong the blooms as warm, unsettled weather can actually shorten it.

If you plan on heading to High Park to check out the Sakura trees then check out High Park Nature Centre’s cherry blossom map, showing where you can find every cherry blossom tree!

The city is about to be filled with stunning blooms and we can’t wait.

Mark your calendars for April 22nd and don’t forget to snap some photos of the cherry blossoms, Toronto!