An ambitious entrepreneur who has appeared on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, Chef Mike Pigot has warmed the hearts, souls and stomachs of those in serious need of comfort food or a drool-worthy dessert.

Known by devoted foodies and restaurant surfers, Calgary’s flavour train conductor kick-started his career in his hometown of Abbotsford, BC.

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“I worked at a little fine dining restaurant when I was 15 or 16 years old,” he told Curiocity.

“I was a doorman, host, food runner and that really piqued my interest in the industry.”

From the busy kitchens to customers, Pigot was ‘enthralled,’ and continued to work in similar establishments once he moved to Calgary in 2007 for art school. By 2010 he decided to pursue a full-time career in hospitality working with everyone from Murrieta’s and CRAFT to Home and Away.

Flash forward and the esteemed chef now runs meaty success Pigot’s Burger Club and co-owns his own European dinette and bar with managing business partner James Martin.

Aptly named Pat and Betty for the women who raised them, Pigot’s menu is inspired by familiar ingredients and home-cooked goodness.

Pigot’s most ordered dish at Pat and Betty


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“I grew up on the West Coast and had a lot of seafood, James grew up in the UK and had a lot of meat and potatoes,” he explained.

For this reason, it should come as no surprise that their dish of pork belly and scallops is actually the most popular on the menu.

“It’s a tried and true from the beginning,” he continued.

“It’s served with a maple cognac reduction, a truffle and Foie Gras potato as a puree on the bottom of the plate, some nice big Hokkaido scallops, braised greens and a little bit of black truffle as well.”

In addition to this, Pigot added that the Mezzi Rigatoni was another fan favourite, which also happens to incorporate fresh noodles from a subscription service he spearheads called Pasta La Mano.

Served with a vodka Sauce, burrata, chilli oil, and fresh basil, this carb-rich dish is warm, satisfying and well worth a return visit.

Pigot’s personal favourite


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As for his favourite item on the menu, Pigot said that, because the menu is ever-changing, it’s too hard to decide.

“I kind of fall in love with something new every season.”

“We’re working on our menu from the fall right now, so there’s some cool fun stuff coming in a few weeks and I’m probably most excited about that and just offering something different.”

Our advice to those who are indecisive? Start things off with one of their classics and don’t forget to order a sweet treat afterward.

“My business partner James – his Mom was a trained pastry chef in the UK and she made desserts for most of the birthdays for a number of years, so that has always been a staple of that piece and served as inspiration.”

“Same with my Mom, too. The desserts are kind of the biggest takeaway from the family side.”

Looking to the future, Pigot said he’s pretty maxed out these days, which is to be expected from someone who runs various concepts and a pasta company.

In addition to Pat and Betty, he hopes to continue growing Pasta La Mano and Pigot’s Burger Club which has a location in Vancouver and Toronto as well as Calgary.

“Potentially, fingers crossed – you may see some in other cities which would be super fun.”

To check him out, you can follow Chef Pigot on his social media or you can grab a bite from one of his eateries. It is the season of cozy food after all!

Pat and Betty

Where: 1217 1 Street SW, Calgary, AB