2021 is the official, unofficial year of indulgence … at least, that’s if award-winning chef Mike Pigot has anything to say about it! We hope you brought your appetites into this year, Calgary, because the Food Network star wants you to be a part of his elite Pigot’s Burger Club.

Covered in cheese and packed between two buns, these meaty masterpieces are actually the culinary genius’s specialty. Because of this, it only made sense to open a pop-up burger join – one that will make everyone feel like a VIP!

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You see, unlike other “clubs” this one won’t have initiation and there is no password or ceremony, all that you’ll need to be a part of something bigger is access to a delivery app. Everyone is invited and it’ll just be a matter of time!

We’re unsure of the exact January launch date, but as the recipient of the 2020 Best Chef in Calgary award and as the champion of Guy Fieri’s Grocery Games we can bet that it’ll be well worth the wait!

So, get ready, friends. Train those stomachs! You’re going to want a strong appetite when these guys go live, we’re sure of it!


When: January 2021
Where: On all local delivery apps