Cuteness overload! The Toronto Zoo has announced the arrival of three cheetah cubs who were born on Monday along with a video of the little guys with their mother, a 4.5-year-old cheetah named Emarah.

The cubs are still too young to open their eyes and it’ll be about a week from the time that they’re born until they’re able to open them and look around.

The zoo is reopening to the public on February 10th, but it’ll be a few months until we can see the cubs in person.

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Photo via Toronto Zoo

“Until they are fully vaccinated and the weather warms up, the new family will remain cozy in their indoor habitat; once they are several months old, we will introduce them to the outdoor habitats, including the main cheetah exhibit where guests will be able to visit them,” the Toronto Zoo said in a press release.

Right now, though, the cubs are tucked away in a quiet spot bonding with Emarah, who was part of the last litter of cheetah cubs born at the zoo.


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There are so many adorable creatures to see at the zoo right now. In addition to the red pandas, tiger cubs, penguins, and polar bears, the Toronto Zoo is home to a rare tree kangaroo named Puzzle.

Sadly, though, Puzzle won’t be living at the Toronto Zoo for very much longer. She’s part of a species survival program, so she will be sent away to be paired with a mate at another zoo as early as this spring.

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