Your daily dose of cute news comes directly from the Toronto Zoo. This morning the zoo announced that one of their endangered species, an Amur tiger, gave birth to three baby cubs. Cue the “awws”! Apparently, these three little rascals were born overnight on Friday after a 104-day pregnancy.

The cubs were born to mother Mazyria (aka Mazy for short), who is an almost 14-year-old resident of the Toronto Zoo. She is one of the oldest Amur tigers to give birth in the Species Survival Plan population. The early days of the cub’s lives are the most important for survival, and you’ll be happy to hear the zoo reports the mother and her cubs are bonding well.

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As if the new cubs aren’t great news enough. you’ll be happy to hear that their birth means more than just an addition to the adorable population at the Toronto landmark. In the past, the Amur tiger has been classified by experts as “critically endangered.” In 2007 that status was changed to just “endangered,” and these births only aid in the revival of the dwindling species.

So what’ll these adorable little additions be named? We’re not sure yet. With previous births, the Toronto Zoo has turned to the public for that exciting task. So we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for updates.

In the meantime, you can keep up with the baby tigers through the Toronto Zoo official social media channels. We know we’ll be watching out for updates on these adorable little cubs!