How many iPhones can there possibly be? Apple is in the works of designing the iPhone 14 which is set to drop next September 2022 and some creative folks have released renderings of what the new phone might look like. Ready to take a peek at what your next phone might look like? Let’s get into it.

iPhone 14
Photo via FrontPage Tech

It’s hard to know exactly what software changes will be made to the new iPhone but generally one can assume faster speeds, a better camera and new apps. You know, the usual things that come with an iPhone release. But Apple Insider Jon Prosser is giving us a closer look at the hardware thanks to design knowledge that he ascertained from Apple.

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In his recent Youtube video (4:45-7:14) on the new phone, Prosser mentioned that the camera bump is largely gone and that the phone is much thicker than the iPhones of the past. The back is set to be covered entirely in glass with the apple logo underneath it and round volume buttons. If you’re scrambling for a mental image, think of the iPhone 4. He also mentioned rumours, emphasis on rumours that a periscope camera might be a part of the new phone.

Now as the phone is still in the design process there are no confirmed colours and the bottom ports are still unconfirmed. But if you want another look at potential design options you can watch the video above which is shorter and has no dialogue.

Regardless, from the little information and visuals, we have so far, the iPhone 14 looks pretty cool. If you’re in the market for a new phone, you might just want to wait until this one drops next year with an entirely new look. See more here.