Above and below ground, Banff Alberta is a stunning place, but few destinations are as important as the Cave and Basin historical site.

Known and beloved by Indigenous Peoples now and for over 10 thousand years, this incredible place is now a place to gather and share stories about conservation and the connection between human beings and the land they live on.

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Though they were enjoyed and respected prior, it wasn’t bought to the attention of the general public until 1883 when three railway workers also came about the thermal springs.

This event is what’s recognized by the government as what sparked the inception of Banff National Park – the first of Canada’s federally-owned gems.

From its unique smell, boardwalks and beautifully blue water, people have come from all over the world to walk through and learn about the area.


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It’s truly an experience unlike any other and while people are no longer able to take a dip in the springs, they are encouraged to visit the interpretive exhibits, hike, bike or snowshoe the Sundance Trail nearby and enjoy games, picnics and activities on the pool deck.

What’s more, is that from June to September visitors are also able to take lantern-lit tours in the evenings – a must as long as you’re not afraid of the dark.

Interested in checking it out? Admission costs $8.50 per adult, $7 for seniors and is free for anyone under 17.

Watch, listen, learn and be respectful. This is one of the most important spots in the country!

Cave and Basin, Alberta

Where: 311 Cave Ave, Banff, AB
Cost: $8.50+