When you have a country as big as Canada, you’ve really got some options when, you know, international travel is all but shut down. A recent report from the CBRE has found that Canadians flocked to three domestic cities more than anywhere else this year. And nope, it doesn’t include Banff National Park.

Turns out, domestic leisure travellers were visiting Vancouver, Quebec City, and Niagara Falls above everything else. It makes sense to us- Vancouver has the ocean and the mountains, Quebec City has an unrivalled history, and Niagara Falls is pretty much the go-to for Canadian sightseeing. Plus, it is just a stone’s throw from Toronto, making it easy for weekend trips for those on the east coast.

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If you had a hunch that people were doing more domestic leisure travel this year than before the pandemic, you’re right there as well. In fact, some 500,000 more Canadians were making domestic trips in 2021 versus 2019. But, the increased domestic interest definitely hasn’t replaced the hole left by the international crowd. In fact, the CBRE is projecting that the ‘revenue per available room’ won’t get back to 2019 levels before 2025.

We hear that and honestly, we think now’s the time to be booking more domestic trips! Visit a desert, climb a mountain, explore an old garrison or something… Canada is easily one of the most diverse travel destinations in the world, and maybe the best backyard to have available.