The mobile competition in Canada just continues to heat up! PC Mag has just released its latest list of the fastest mobile networks in Canada for 2021, and two names are dominating the landscape. Are you using Bell or Telus? Well, you’ve got the cream of the digital crop in your hands.

Following a nationwide tour of more than 40 cities and towns, and travelling through rural areas in 8 provinces, PC Mag has crowned Bell the fastest mobile network in the country for the second year in a row. However, it wasn’t a runaway victory, as Telus and Bell proved to be fastest in 8 cities each.

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So why did Bell win? Population weighting. Since the rankings are based on each phone, Bell’s victories in Toronto and now, Montreal, pushed it into the top spot. And with unlimited data plans becoming the norm, it’s more important than ever to open up Instagram, Twitter (or even a Curiocity page) in a flash.

The other major player, Rogers, has its work cut out for it. According to the tests, Rogers averaged around 100Mbps slower download speeds than either Bell or Telus. Weirdly, it has a higher max upload speed than them, but we doubt most people are trying to upload YouTube videos from their phones. Apart from the big three, SaskTel, Videotron, and Freedom Mobile (owned by Shaw), rounded out the rest of Canada’s fastest providers.

The good news? No matter which major carrier you’re, Canada enjoys faster mobile network speeds than the US. We guess having a more spread-out population does help!

To check out the full breakdown of the fastest mobile networks in Canada for 2021, just click the link above. Happy browsing out there, folks!