Let’s be real. We could all use a little stress relief this year. Well, it looks like some Canadians found just that because new data shows that more folks than ever have been growing marijuana at home. In fact, health regulators are even going so far as to say too many people are growing weed at home, and have raised concerns about the whole thing.

So in Canada, folks are allowed to grow a little green for personal use, and also if they are registered as patients. But this year, data shows that amount authorizations for medical patients was at a whopping 36.2 grams per day by the end of March, compared to only 25.2 grams per day in October 2018.

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By comparison, registered patients who chose to purchase their weed at legal retailers remained at a steady average of around 2 grams per day over a month. Essentially, registered patients (on average) are growing a heck of a lot more than they’re buying.

So why does this matter? Well, the concerns by regulators have put pressure on Health Canada to look into potential abuse of the grow-at-home system. Currently, Canada’s Cannabis Act allows up to 4 plants to be grown in one home (not per person). Are some people growing more than that? Sure. But that certainly doesn’t mean this is a giant loophole that Canadians are taking advantage of coast to coast.

Honestly, it just sounds like people are enjoying their homegrown bud more than the marked-up prices for government-approved weed that doesn’t always deliver. For that, we can’t blame anyone!