Weekends are always a reason to celebrate, especially when they happen to be long ones. Like the Canada Day long weekend which is right overhead. And if you are looking for a few fun ways to elevate your Canada Day celebration, we have a few good ideas for you. In fact, we also found a way to make these ideas fancy without much effort on your part. Thanks to the COLUMBUS™ brand, or more precisely, the COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie Tasting Board.

The COLUMBUS™ brand was established in 1917 on the belief that meats ought to be crafted. And they put together some of their faves in their charcuterie board. You can enjoy high-quality craft meats and artisanal sides in one convenient and ready-to-serve board, making it easy to instantly upgrade your day. Be it out in the sun or under the stars.

Now to the aforementioned fun Canada Day long weekend plans—

Take a day trip with your squad

Rounding up your friends (or family) and embarking on an exciting day trip is one of the best ways to create lasting memories. Lucky for you, Canada is full of scenic trails, hidden gems and charming towns. And for a quick snack break, you can pack the COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie Tasting Board. Its delicious assortment of craft meats and sides adds a nice touch of gourmet indulgence to your adventurous escapade.

Canada Day Long Weekend, COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie
Photo via COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie

Enjoy a picnic at the beach

Summer weekends are all about relaxing at the beach with your loved ones, soaking up the sun, building sandcastles, diving into the refreshing waves and enjoying a picnic. You can pack a delectable spread of fresh fruits, crunchy crackers and tantalizing cheeses. Or ditch the fuss and elevate your seaside feast, with the COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie Tasting Board.

Plan a movie night

Another fun way to spend the weekend is to transform your living room into a cozy cinema and plan a movie night extravaganza. Dim the lights, grab a COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie Tasting Board and create a comfortable atmosphere with blankets and pillows. Movie night snacking couldn’t get any better than this.

Enjoy a backyard BBQ

One of the most Canadian ways to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend is to fire up the grill. Serve up juicy burgers, marinated chicken skewers, and an array of vibrant salads. And as the centrepiece of your appetizer table, showcase the curated charcuterie board with its gourmet assortment of craft meats and complementary accompaniments.

Canada Day Long Weekend, COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie
Photo via COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie

Host a dinner party at home

Let laughter, conversation and culinary delights take centre stage over an intimate dinner with your closest friends and family. Set an elegant table, create a cozy ambiance with candles and prepare a menu of delectable dishes. Of course, you can kick-start the evening on a sophisticated and mouthwatering note with the curated COLUMBUS™ Charcuterie Tasting Board.

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Go camping

Another great way to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend is to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and head out for a camping adventure. Be it in the great outdoors or simply in your backyard. Pitch your tent, gather around the campfire, roast them marshmallows and grill them sausages. And to add a gourmet twist to your camping experience, indulge in a luxurious ensemble of craft meats and flavorful accompaniments.

This versatile tasting board won Product of the Year in the appetizer’s category, so adding it to any weekend plans is a no-fail, no-fuss way to take your plans several notches higher. Plus, they’re available across Sobeys stores in the Toronto area or Safeway stores in Calgary and Vancouver, so you can easily upgrade your adventures.

These are some ways to bond with your loved ones, have fun and make the most of your long weekend. Happy Canada Day everyone!