We all miss being able to party now that we’re stuck at home. Ahh, remember the good old days of gathering all your friends and hosting a drinking game marathon? We miss ’em, folks. We really do. But just ’cause we’re all separate doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a drinking game or two! With these amazing websites, you can take the party online!

Here are 5 virtual drinking games to play online with your friends.


This UK based website will give you rule cards that decide who will drink. Just get on a Zoom call and share your screen to play!


This website’s motto is “social distancing made drunk” and we couldn’t agree more! The quarantine-themed virtual drinking game is perfect for your next FaceTime hang.

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This website has pretty much all the classic drinking games covered. Just share your screen on a Zoom call and all your friends can play a little Kings Cup, Ride the Bus, or loads more.


This virtual drinking game also requires that you all tune in to the same news channel. Then you pretty much take a drink whenever something on the website’s list happens!


If you like the game Picolo, you’ll love the online version! Just like the others on this list, just share that screen of yours and you’re good to go! This game will give you options like “Drinking 5 times if you’ve ever eaten a bug” or “the last play to celebrate their birthday gives out 4 sips.”

So get online and let’s get this party started. Who said being stuck at home meant the fun had to end?? Stay healthy, people!