Two Canadian cities have just been ranked among the top 20 LGBTQ+ friendly destinations in the world. With Pride month just around corner, many Canadians will be taking part in festivities that support the community in cities nationwide. Here’s what cities made the list.

Cruise site Planet Cruise, looked at 100 cities across the world that are LGBTQ+ friendly destinations and ranked them.

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The ranking of each city was determined by different factors:

  1. Safety Index
  2. Marriage Laws
  3. Adoption Laws
  4. Number of LGBTQ+ Bars – (Used TripAdvisor to determine)

“Searches for ‘LGBTQ+ friendly holiday destinations have seen a 91% increase over the last 12 months, showing there’s a growing demand for holidays for LGBTQ+ couples and families, who want to travel somewhere that’s fun and safe,” shared the site.

That being said, according to the ranking, the two Canadian cities that made the list are Toronto and Vancouver.

Out of the 20 cities, Toronto came in 15th while Vancouver came in 17th. Both cities, however, had the highest ranking in terms of the “Safety Index”, both at 383.

Based on the infographic, the cities lost points due to the number of LGBTQ+ bars available. In comparison, New York City has a total of 27 while Toronto has seven and Vancouver 4.

For the full top 20 list, check out the infographic below:

LGBTQ+ friendly cities
Photo via LGBTQ+ Tourist Hotspots