There’s a new sky-high attraction in Toronto and it’s not what you’d expect. A basketball court has now gone up on the roof of Scotia Plaza and it’s taking the game to new heights.

Labatt Breweries’ Michelob ULTRA beer teamed up with the NBA on the initiative as part of their new multiyear partnership and in celebration of the NBA’s 75th season.

Renowned shooting coach Chris Matthews hit the court for a “gravity-defying shot” facing Toronto’s sweeping skyline. Scotia Plaza is Canada’s tallest completed flat-top building, making it the ideal (and most exciting) spot for a court in the sky.

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To give you an idea of just how high up this court is, Scotia Plaza stands at a towering 275 m in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. It’s the 22nd tallest tower in North America and Canada’s third-tallest skyscraper.

A video shared by Matthews on Instagram shows him glancing down from his spot on the roof, looking as nervous as you’d expect.

Plus, Michelob ULTRA decided to infuse Canadian cities with more love for the game by transforming billboards into immersive backboards for people to practice their shot.

“Basketball lives at the intersection of athletics, culture and entertainment, and we’re excited to bring our fit and fun spin to basketball fans across the country,” said Michelob ULTRA’s senior marketing director in a press release.

If there’s one way to get people talking about your brand, it’s by plunking a giant basketball court on top of a ridiculously tall building.