All this talk lately about companies with 4-day work weeks may be tempting you to make a career change. Luckily, your timing could not be better, because several of them are hiring right now.

There are tons of open jobs for you to apply for, but one thing all of these roles have in common is that they only require you to work 4 days per week. Each of these companies has adopted permanently shortened work weeks, so that staff have an extra day off to enjoy without sacrificing their salaries or vacation days.

Toronto’s Juno College of Technology has announced its plans for permanent 3-day weekends starting in 2022. Juno College has several open positions on its careers page, many of which are part-time. However, talented applicants are always welcome to submit a general application because the college is always looking for new team members.

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Quebec-based video game developer Eidos has also made a permanent shift to 3-day weekends at both their Montreal and Sherbrooke studios. Employees get Fridays off and only work 32 hours instead of 40 per week. The company is implementing all kinds of strategies to save time, like shortening meetings from 1 hour to 30 minutes.

Eidos has 21 job openings in several departments posted on its careers page, including animation, game design, programming, and IT. If you can’t find the perfect fit but still believe that your skills would be an asset, the company also has a general application you can submit.

Toronto-based recruitment firm The Leadership Agency was among the first to make headlines for their 4-day work week pilot project, which they made permanent after it led to unprecedented success for the business. It also improved productivity and made employees feel happier overall.


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There are all kinds of job openings on the agency’s careers page, including Executive Assistant, Director of Finance, Customer Operations Specialist, Talent Acquisition, Marketing Manager, Account Executive, and more.

If you’ve got the skills it takes and the desire to work somewhere new, your next job could come with the ultimate perk.