The first day of winter may still be several weeks away, but the early sunsets and dropping temperatures are making it feel much closer. We’ve heard whispers and early predictions about Canada’s winter forecast for 2021-2022, but as of this morning, the word is officially out about what to expect over the next few months.

The Weather Network (TWN) has released its outlooks for every province and territory in December, January, and February. While the season will look a bit different for each region, Canada as a whole is in for “winter weather whiplash” this season.

“A La Niña weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean will support an active storm track across southern Canada, leading to above normal precipitation and snowfall for southern parts of B.C., AlbertaOntario and Quebec,” said TWN’s chief meteorologist.

However, stretches of mild weather will seemingly wipe away winter at times, especially from southern Ontario to Newfoundland.”

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TWN predicts that central and eastern Canada will get normal or above-normal temperatures this winter, and Western Canada will get below-normal temperatures.

In BC, a “stormy pattern” will continue into the winter season, bringing tons of snow to the alpine regions and even the lower regions, “setting the stage for an extended ski season,” says TWN. Below-normal temperatures will persist throughout the winter, especially in January and February, and “will linger well into March.”

A “frigid winter” is on tap for the Prairies, especially in January and February, says TWN. Expect “extended periods of severe cold” with some short stints of mild weather thrown into the mix.

Southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan should brace for more snowfall than normal, but normal snowfall amounts are expected everywhere else.


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As for Ontario and Quebec, a “come and go” winter will bring both stormy weather and extended mild weather this season. With the exception of an active storm that’ll bring tons of snow to the region, most of the season’s storms will be a “messy mix of snow, ice, and rain,” especially in southern regions.

If you’re not looking forward to bundling up this winter in Ontario and Quebec, it looks like you won’t have to for long. The heart of the season “will lack persistent severe cold” in both provinces, says TWN.