Tipping is an important gesture when dining out, grabbing coffee, or showing your appreciation to service industry workers. But just how much do you tip? What’s the appropriate amount? That entirely depends and if you’re wondering where you stand, Canada’s average restaurant tip was just revealed.

Let’s cut right to the chase, Canada’s average restaurant tip is 17.2 percent. Now in order to find that average of 17.2%, The Globe & Mail surveyed more than 4,200 people on their tipping habits. That survey concluded that the majority tip between 15-20 percent.

This is important firstly for showing your appreciation and secondly because the minimum wage for restaurant workers is often lower for bartenders and servers as compared to other professions. To put it in perspective, the minimum wage for bartenders and servers is $12.55 in Ontario, compared to $14.35 for other professions.

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The minimum wage for restaurant workers obviously differs by province but ranges from $11.75-$16 according to Restaurants Canada.

The survey was conducted for a couple of reasons, first being the rising cost of restaurant meals due to pandemic inflation, and, second, Ontario bringing servers up to the same minimum wage ($15) as other workers, as of January 1st, 2022. The question here is would folks continue to tip the same amount or less? If you’re wondering, almost 59 percent said they would tip the same amount, 1/3 said they will tip less, and the rest said they would tip more.