Finally! It’s here. The East Coast, cult-following kombucha brand, Cove Kombucha is now available at Loblaws across Ontario. Why are we so excited about this news? Well, here’s the deal…

You know how kombucha is a big thing now? Well, we tried ours when it was still “trendy.” And we continued because it’s so darn delicious. This fermented tea drink has now transitioned from being a hype to being a lifestyle choice for anyone remotely inclined to health, wellness or good taste. We’re guil-tea on all accounts, just sayin’. 

As early adopters of the drink, we’ve tried many. But for the past couple of years, we had been dying to get our hands on Cove Kombucha, thanks to all the attention it had been garnering, for all the right reasons, of course.

cove kombucha toronto
Photos via Curiocity

Founders and brothers Ryan and John originally brewed small batches of booch and sold it at local farmers’ markets. But the demand grew to a point that they finally launched a whole range of flavours, canned them in 100% Carbon Neutral cans and became this popular Canadian bubbly we know. So, when a locally brewed Kombucha sells like hotcakes do we want in? Heck YASS!

It’s delicious, it’s crisp and refreshing, it’s not overly sweet, it’s not vinegary. This powerhouse beverage is in fact everything we needed our booch to be. And now that it is at Loblaws, it’s super easy to grab our can whenever we want. God bless the superstore!

cove kombucha toronto
Photo via Curiocity

The best part though is that it’s actually healthy. Unlike many in the market, this probiotic drink is not flavoured artificially or sweetened with ANYTHING post-fermentation. Each of its 6 flavours– Watermelon Smash (our fav), Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Turmeric, Pink Grapefruit, Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Limeade- is made with 100% real ingredients – no weird stuff! Plus, it’s low on sugar (only 10g per can).

Now, here’s what you need to do- hit Loblaws, pick your Cove Kombucha can and then let us know if you agree with us. In case you want some more deets of the brand or the product, check out their website. We’re gonna go enjoy our fix of guilt-free bubbly now, how ‘bout you? Cheers!