How great is Canada? Well, we all have our own opinions and experiences, but a new survey has ranked Canada as the second-best country in the entire world.

The Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index for 2021 has been released, with Germany taking the top spot overall. The Nation Brand Index, which is released annually, ranks countries on a variety of factors to determine their reputation and level of ‘positive perception’ around the globe.

This is the first time that Canada has moved up beyond the top 3 countries in the NBI, marking a strong year for the country’s global reputation. Canada received first-place rankings in Governance, People, Immigration, and Investment, and ranked well on Exports, Tourism, and Culture.

canada nation brand best country
Image via NBI / Ipsos

This year, the NBI grew its rankings from 50 countries to 60, and according to a release the “global sample size has expanded from 20,000 interviews per year to 60,000 interviews per year.”

Canada has done well on international rankings recently, having been ranked the best country in the world by US News earlier this year. We’ve also seen top marks on the most recent global retirement index, as well as individual city rankings.

To check out the 2021 Nation Brand Index yourself, just click here.