Canada Post is looking to hire over 4,000 new “seasonal” staff across the country for the upcoming holiday season.

Now we all know that the holiday season is normally the busiest time of year for mail but when you combine it with a pandemic, things get even trickier. So in order to ensure that Canadians get their packages on time, Canada Post is hiring positions on all fronts as well as using a new “sortation capacity” according to a statement shared with Global News.

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That statement also mentioned that the post will add another “1,400 vehicles and 2,000 parking spots … besides the 4,200 more workers it was hiring.”

As mentioned, the holiday season is when Canada Post ramps up to record levels, and the increased demand for online shopping during COVID has taken the delivery service to new heights. In the same statement to Global News, Canada Post spokesperson Valérie Chartrand said “during the two weeks ending on Christmas Eve in 2020, our employees delivered nearly 20 million parcels to Canadians — including a record 2.4 million parcels on December 21 alone.”

So we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a worry-free season of holiday mail.

You can find all currently open Canada Post holiday positions here.