Thinking of leaving the big city behind? A new report showing the living wage in different parts of BC might help you make your next move. While we released an overview of this yesterday, we thought it might be fun to provide the full rundown today.

But first, a quick refresher on what living wage means. According to the report, it is the hourly amount needed for two working parents, with two young children, to meet basic expenses (food, housing, transportation, and child care). It also factors in a variety of help/expenses from the government- taxes, subsidies, and so on… So, technically, these numbers should be doubled to be met by a single parent.

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living wage bc
Image via Living Wage for Families BC

New, let’s check out the living wage needed in different parts of BC.

  1. Metro Vancouver- $20.52
  2. Greater Victoria- $20.46
  3. Nelson- $19.56
  4. Revelstoke- $19.51
  5. Golden- $19.46
  6. Penticton- $18.55
  7. Kelowna- $18.49
  8. Trail- $18.15
  9. Grand Forks- $17.21
  10. Columbia Valley- $17.18
  11. Fraser Valley- $16.75
  12. Comox Valley– $16.44
  13. Nanaimo- $16.33

So, what are a couple of takeaways we’re getting from the list? Surprisingly, the cost of living in Metro Vancouver (not the city) itself, is much lower than we expected, especially when compared to the cost of living in some places in Alberta. Want to live in Canmore? You’ll need a whopping $37.40 an hour.

And, it’s apparently cheaper to live in the Okanagan than it is in the mountains, as Revelstoke, Golden and Nelson all have higher costs of living than Kelowna or Penticton. Well, now you know!