Well, how about them corporate apples? Recently, the Reputation Study from Leger came out, identifying Canada’s most reputable companies. Ironically though, only 3 companies out of the top 10 are actually Canadian. Here’s which ones made the cut.

For reference, Leger’s Reputation study has provided insight into which brands Canadians trust the most for over two decades. Thousands of respondents rank companies based on a variety of metrics, being “financial strength, social responsibility, honesty and transparency, quality, attachment, and innovation.”

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leger canada's most reputable companies
Image via Leger

So, here’s what the top 10 of Canada’s most reputable companies are, including their overall scores:

  1. Shoppers Drug Mart (Reputation Score: 73)
  2. Sony (Reputation Score: 73)
  3. Samsung (Reputation Score: 72)
  4. Canadian Tire (Reputation Score: 71)
  5. Interac (Reputation Score: 71)
  6. Google (Reputation Score: 70)
  7. Campbell (Reputation Score: 70)
  8. Microsoft (Reputation Score: 69)
  9. A & W (Reputation Score: 69)
  10. Netflix (Reputation Score: 69)

Of the top names, only 3 are actually Canadian- Shoppers Drug Mart, Canadian Tire and Interac were all started in Canada and maintain Canadian headquarters. While the other names have Canadian offices and staff, they are still firmly in the ‘international’ space.

One final thing to note is that on average, Canadians are less and less willing to give companies good scores. This year’s average score sits at 71, but just a decade ago that score was 83. According to Leger, this shift is due to “a drop in good opinion ratings and an increase in the percentage of Canadians who say they ‘know the company, but not well enough to rate it.'”

Well, the more you know!