There’s no shame in getting a major makeover, especially if your look has stayed pretty much the same for nearly 50 years. Times change and this month, Calgary’s Northland Village Mall will too!

Though it’s seen minor renovations and expansions in the past, the shopping centre, which was opened in 1971, will get a 400,000 square foot facelift this time – with designers redeveloping everything from concept to landscaping.

As of last Monday, November 15th with the exception of AHS Hemodialysis, Winners, and Northland Village Dental (which will be accessible through the upper parkade) the interior of the mall has been closed off the public as crews began converting the space to an ‘open-air shopping centre.’

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Photo Via Northland Mall

Best Buy, Goodlife Fitness, and Walmart will also remain open as they have exterior entrances, with Tim Hortons and TLC Dental accessible as well – but only until December as phase 1 of the project (slated for completion in 2023) will be in full swing.

“Over the years, Northland Village Mall has been where you went to see a new movie, got the latest music, met up with friends to grab a coffee at Smitty’s or a cinnamon bun from Grandma Lees and skipped school (sorry mom and dad) to go to Wizards Castle,” a post shared on the Northland Village Mall Facebook page said.

Photo Via Northland Mall

For more information about the Northland Village Mall redevelopment please visit their website here. 

Wowza, we can’t wait to see it when it’s totally finished after phase 2 in 2025. It truly is the end of an era!