With Art Basel Miami right around the corner, you might be feeling a little twinge of envy at your artsy friends constantly posting about their upcoming trip. Well, fear not, because the North Shore is hosting a brand new art fair of its own, featuring five different galleries from the area! Let’s check it out.

Titled ‘COMBINE’, the fair will be showing works from Wil Aballe Art Projects, Unit 17, Monica Reyes Gallery, and Franc Gallery. These four galleries will be converging at Griffin Art Projects, a collector-driven space that focuses on contemporary art.

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Basically, emerging artists from BC and beyond will be showing in two different galleries, taking over a couple of studio spaces at Griffin. Meanwhile, a third exhibition, showcasing Griffin’s own artists, will be set up in their ‘bedroom space’. Those interested in checking it out will be able to book appointments throughout the fair, to browse around for themselves! Heck, there’s even a roundtable discussion to wrap things up at the end of the weekend.

So, whether you can actually afford to buy an artwork on the spot (good for you), or want to treat this as an aspirational visit for when you’re a successful marine biologist/architect hybrid, we definitely think this is a worthwhile weekend option! For more info and to book your time, just click the link below.


When: December 2nd to December 5th
Where: 1180 Welch Street, North Vancouver
Cost: Free with appointment