You have to see these Calgary photographer’s heartwarming ‘porchraits’

Via Erik McRitchie | Neil Zeller Via Neil Zeller Via Erik McRitchie

You have to see this Calgary photographers heartwarming 'porchraits'

There’s beauty in isolation, it’s just harder to see from 4-6 feet away unless you have a lense. Luckily, Neil Zeller and his YYC Porchrait Initiative have been documenting families, friends, and pets through the windows of those holed-up in Calgary neighbourhoods, proving that people still have a sense of humour and pearly white teeth.

Since the beginning of the mess that has been the COVID-19 pandemic, this 3-time “best photographer in Calgary” winner has been taking photos outside, metres away from people on the front steps of their homes, then sharing them on social media.

The idea actually originated in Yellowknife, with Pat Kane who started taking photos of people in quarantine through glass panes and doors. Neil then brought the trend to Calgary, and has since inspired other local photographers, like Erik McRitchie to get in on the fun.

These adorable photoshoots are fun and safe for camera weilders like Kane, Zeller and McRichie and their ‘models’! They totally comply with social distancing regulations and are a way to get peoples mind’s off of things for a while.

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For some, like Zeller, they’re also free of charge for those who are in a vulnerable place. Of course, donations are accepted and appreciated, but there’s no obligation.

If you do choose to throw a couple of bucks Zeller’s way, it’s worth noting that a portion of the proceeds made from through initiative will go towards supporting local businesses. Because of freaking course, it will. The dude’s a saint.

If your interested, you can check out Neil’s website here or you can also check out Erik McRitchie’s webiste here!

…We’d also recommend following them on Twitter where thye’ve posted the majority of his photos. There are dogs and adorable blurbs about the families in the photos, but mostly dogs.

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