The weirdest things for sale right now on Craigslist Calgary

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Craigslist Calgary is a shopping experience truly unlike any others. From personals to the buy and sell sections, job postings, and discussion forums, not only is it the people’s market where you can furnish your house, make a connection or offer your services…it’s also where you’ll find the unsuspected, the looney, and the unimaginable. For your amusement, we’ve actually taken a deep dive into the platform’s underbelly to bring you some of the weirdest things for sale on Craigslist in Calgary. Check it out and enjoy!


weirdest things craigslist calgary

When we started to write this article, we honestly believed that there was nothing that anyone could possibly do with 200 unique rubber ducks and after much thought, we’ve come to realize a few things. 1. We’re dangerously compulsive, 2. We’re extremely irresponsible and 3. We should not be trusted with money because despite still not having any idea what anyone would do with 200 rubber ducks, we really want them.


weirdest things craigslist calgary

Looking for a unique gift? A special something to fill that unused shelf space? Look no further, because for only $10 you could be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind pug in a mug figurine. This ceramic masterpiece is somehow haunting, insulting, and adorable and is sure to be a conversation piece at all of your future house parties.

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weirdest things craigslist calgary

We’ll be honest. We spent far more time than we’d like to admit trying to imagine why anyone would actually want to spend $2,000 on outdated Playboy Magazines, but the truth is, a large part of what is sold on Craigslist defies all logic and there’s no sense in trying to make anything of it. Perhaps they could be used as wallpaper? Or maybe they will be placed in a museum? Whatever the reason, the price feels a bit steep, but to each their own.


weirdest things craigslist calgary

Craigslist never disappoints. This strictly platonic service includes “hugs, spooning, snuggling, holding hands, hair play, kindness, and conversation.” Find your “authentic self, carry a new sense of freedom into your relationships” but … it’s the internet, so just proceed with caution.


weirdest things craigslist calgary

Are we surprised? Are YOU surprised? The answer is ‘of course, not.’ This is exactly the kind of thing we expect from Craigslist. Don’t get it twisted though, we’re not here to judge. Everyone has a thing and if this is yours that’s your business. As long as you’re not hurting anyone or breaking the law, power to ya… It was just a little odd to see this ad among the McDonald’s toy lots and the ‘roommate wanted’ listings.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen for sale on Craigslist in Calgary? Let us know and keep it strange, folks, we love you for it.