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The City of Calgary launches a wayfinding scavenger hunt! (CONTEST)

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The City of Calgary is leaving a BUOY-crumb trail in efforts to lead you to a warm, tropical oasis! Until November 2nd, the City is launching a wayfinding contest that will not only land you in a beautiful public garden, but also make you a proud owner of a unique piece of art. 

In a city that’s constantly evolving and expanding, there’s always something new to see or do, and sometimes, those things that were on your list months ago can be forgotten, like Calgary’s Devonian Gardens.

If you’ve heard of, but have never been to the gardens or you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’ve been missing out! The Devonian Gardens are a downtown Calgary bucket list item! Located just above The CORE Shopping Center, the gardens are an amazing year-round tropical oasis. Yeah, we basically have an indoor jungle, and a lot of people have no idea it’s even there! 

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buoy contest

Calgary Parks, Transit, Water Resources, Recreation, and Curiocity (that’s us!) have teamed up with the Green Line City Shaping Team and the incredible artists of the Indefinite Arts Centre to put together this fun, interactive experience in wayfinding! 

The contest is super fun and really easy to enter! It’s basically a city-wide scavenger hunt, cool, right? First, find one of the twelve artist-painted buoys around the city. Snap a pic and post it to Instagram or IG story, with the hashtag #CityShapingYYC and geotag Devonian Gardens! That’s it, you’re entered! Every photo is considered a single entry to win one of twelve prizes determined by random draw. 

The City of Calgary will be giving away all twelve of the painted buoys, Transit swag, and $25 gift cards to The CORE. All winners will be notified by Curiocity when the contest closes on November 2nd. 

Happy hunting, Calgary, and good luck!


When: October 19 – November 2