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The 5 weirdest things happening in Calgary this week

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Yeah, we guess you could go to a Christmas pop-up this Saturday… OR you could dress up as a fictional character with a bunch of strangers and run around the streets of Calgary. Markets and movies are so mainstream. Why not shake things up a little bit? Or a lot. The choice is ultimately yours to make. In case you needed some help making a decision, here are 5 weird things happening in Calgary this week.

Pastie Making Night

We went to Michaels once to get the supplies to do this ourselves. It turns out when you’re looking for the sticker aisle, it isn’t necessary to tell the store clerk why. Some say free it, others say they should be bedazzled. To each their own. If you have to ask what we’re talking about you’re too young for the answer.

When: December 3
Where: 124 10th st. NW, Calgary
Cost: $30

Hanging with my Gnomies

Give that naturally beautiful foliage a nose! This event will have all of the moss, fabric hats and mitts you need to decorate your very own garland gnome. Cute.

When: December 3
Where: 356 Cranston Road SE
Cost: $65

The Art of Dog Language

Honestly, we don’t think we would want to know what our dog is thinking beyond “feed me, love me, walk me.” We can only assume it would be something more along the lines of “you’ve eaten an entire bag of Doritos without pants on and I’m ashamed of you.” For those who are confident that their dog would only have polite things to say, you can learn to non-verbally chat with your furry friend. Go and get your Dr. Dolittle on, Calgary!

When: December 5
Where: 2309 Centre Ave, Calgary
Cost: $25

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Krampus Run

What’s more terrifying than Krampus? Some drunk guy that just thinks he’s Krampus. But hey, this is the world we live in. Join what were only assuming will be like 12 other people (because we can’t imagine there are that many Krampus costumes available for rent) in terrorizing the pubs of Calgary this weekend.

When: December 7
Where: Ship and Anchor Pub
Cost: FREE

SantaCon YYC

We think the event posting describes itself best as a “quintessence of Christmas spirit rolled up into walking flotilla of drunken patrons roaming the streets of Calgary.” Now, this might sound like just another pub crawl, and that’s because it is. A pub crawl is usually a flotilla of drunken patrons roaming the streets, but at this one they’ll also be dressed as Santa Claus. Tis’ the season!

When: December 7
Where: Downtown Calgary
Cost: FREE

Frosty the snowman will come and go, but a foliage gnome is forever. Until you forget to water it. Keep it weird, Calgary.

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