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Rental of the Week: Gorgeous 4 BR with modern vibes for only $2700/month

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Hello again, folks! You out there enjoying the sunshine? We hope so– but if you’re enjoying the sunshine and looking for a dope place to live, this Curiocity Calgary Rental of the Week should do the trick. This isn’t any old condo, it’s a full on house… so let’s get into it.

Calgary Rental of the Week: 4001 Centre A St. NE

rental of the week
4 beds, 3.5 baths, and 2500 square feet of space to roam. Not bad, eh? This place goes for only $2700 a month, which is pretty great if you consider how many people you could pack in this baby. You gotta bring your own furniture though. We recommend throwing a BYOBUM (Bring Your Own Blow Up Mattress) party.

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rental of the week

This home is all about modern tweaks. Out with the old, we say. In with the 2-way fireplace, we also say. Yep, you can enjoy this thing from both sides, whether you’re chillin’ in the formal living room or chowing down in the cozy dining area.

rental of the week

Feel the need to serve sushi off your body? Maybe don’t. Instead, serve it on the large quartz island in the center of the kitchen. People will feel less weird, and will also notice your gorgeous stainless steel designer series appliances. Double whammy.

rental of the week

Shuffle on upstairs to find– you guessed it!– yet another 2-way fireplace. Damn son, the 2-ways just keep coming here. There’s also tons of vitamin D from the skylight, 2 large bedrooms, and a 4-piece bath and laundry room.

rental of the week

Tumble downstairs to find a fully developed basement. Make Caesars at your custom built-in bar, serve ’em in the spacious entertaining area, and watch your popularity skyrocket.

Sold yet Calgary? You should be, we are masters of persuasion, and this Calgary Rental of the Week is unreal. You can check out the full listing here.

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