Happy summer, it snowed in Canada below the Arctic circle this weekend!


Summer this year has been a little bit of a kick in the pants for a lot of Canada. It’s gone from pouring rain to cold to smoking hot to… snow. In August. Our home and native land, we’re a little miffed. It snowed in Canada this weekend, and nope. Not even in the Arctic.

While Calgary’s gone between “are we sure this isn’t October?” and “I’m melting in my skin right now,” BC got the short end of the weather stick this weekend. Northern British Columbia saw significant snowfall early Sunday. Check out this timelapse of a Steamboat Hill road, and prepare to want to cry at the sight of so much snow before November.

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According to the Weather Network, a life-ruining weather system from the Prairies dropped 30 cm (yep!) of snow in BC. Parts of the Rockies got a nice dump too- sorry weekend hikers.

Visibility went to absolute trash, and driving conditions were abysmal. Yeah, this was a real snowfall, not a piddly omg-snow-in-summer 2cm.

Just when you’re starting to get your tan on, Canada’s here to remind you that it’s ready and willing to crash your party at any time. Calgary’s probably safe with an average August snowfall of 0cm, but we’re putting emphasis on “probably.”

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