Get ready to party: Albertans will soon be able to drink in recreational parks

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drink recreational parks

Sometimes you just want to drink in the park. Unfortunately until now, if you got caught doing so in one of the many unnaproved parks, you could get into some trouble. Well fear no more, Alberta! We’ll be able to drink in all recreational parks in one month’s time.

With picnic season upon us and in an effort to modernize liquor laws, the Government of Alberta has decided that they trust us enough to be responsible and have relaxed the law prohibiting alcohol in recreational parks. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it. Unfortunately there is a catch, because there’s always a catch, isn’t there?

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drink recreational parks

Although it will be legal under Bill 2: The Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Amendment Act, the decision will ultimately be up to the owner of each park to make (as it is with restaurants and bars).

This kind of feels like Jason Kenny just told us to “go ask your mother”, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction. And we couldn’t be happier! Social situations are stressful and made even worse by the threat of a frisbee hitting you in the head at any moment’s notice. Chilling with a cold one will ease that.

Technically the law will be in effect as of Wednesday, April 1st, but a liquor licence for each will still have to be obtained, so there’s really no definitive timeline. Our bodies are ready whenever they are!

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