Chestermere is now charging non-residents for beach access

Via City of Chestermere / Facebook

Planning a beach trip to Chestermere? It’ll cost ya! On Tuesday, the city’s council voted to implement a new system in order to cover both the costs of running facilities on-site and pay for the fencing necessary to maintain a COVID safe capacity of 615 people.

Effective immediately, those who aren’t able to provide valid community resident ID or mail, will be charged a small fee to access the area.

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“Our main goal for 2020 is to keep people safe,” said Chestermere Mayor Marshall Chalmers in a public statement. “We know that implementing capacity limits is the best way to ensure all beachgoers can have a safe and fun experience, but adding fencing and security is not free.”

Now those 15 or older will have to cough up $15 at the gate. Entry for children 3 to 14 years old will cost $5 and families of four will be charged $4o for the day.

“Chestermere residents already pay for the maintenance of the beaches, adding an admission fee for those who do not live in our community will help to offset the costs of keeping visitors safe during this global pandemic,” Chalmers continued.

Of course, if you get there and the weather sucks, but you’re still determined to hit the sand, fees will be waived… but we can’t imagine that even that’d be worth it.

We honestly think this Chestermere beach ruling is pretty fair. Yes, it’s warm and it’s tough not having anywhere nice to go, but fun doesn’t always come for free and at least they’re just charging us, not restricting us, right?

So get out there and enjoy the sun, folks, whether that’s here, there, or elsewhere within a safe distance.