Calgary is now a designated “bee city,” and we’re buzzing!

Via Mother Jones

This city is about to be stinging with busy bees! Hah, bee puns. If you’re allergic like we are, celebrate from a comfortable distance, because city council has just established Calgary as Canada’s 36th bee-friendly hub.

What does that mean exactly? Well, basically, we’ve signed up to be a city-wide bee shelter. In addition to our existing “bee boulevards” where wildflowers were planted to attract bees, Calgary will also place “bee city boxes” and experiment with naturalizing areas with local grasses and wildflowers.

As part of this “bee-partner” initiative, the city will also do the absolute most to encourage Calgarians to plant more flowers in their gardens. As the saying goes, if you plant it, they will come!

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In order to improve the world’s overall bee population, the city is also advising people that put out sugar water next to said gardens. Our dainty friends tend to get a little bit parched, so it helps them to recharge.

Calgary is the third city in Alberta to establish itself as a “bee city,” joining Airdrie and Chestermere in the fight for their lives.

There’s power in numbers, friends. Spring 2020 is already buzzing.