Alberta is looking for a new resident artist, here’s how you can apply

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Art is in our architecture, our streets, and on the walls of nearly every building in Alberta. It diversifies our economy, inspires, and uplifts our community. Basically what we’re saying, is it’s freaking important guys, which is why the government has launched The Alberta’s Artist in Residence program, and they want you to apply!

This program will not only give one lucky artist a generous grant, but they’ll also get to engage with different communities, work with fellow artists, attend important cultural events as Alberta’s official arts ambassador and create an art project promoting the value of creativity in the province.

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Artists who create in all mediums will be considered for the position. So whether you’re a choreographer, you create film, video, or music, are a literary artist, paint draw or put together theatre productions, you’re welcome to apply!

The government is now accepting submissions, folks, but we’d recommend you get on it ASAP. Applications will only be accepted until Monday, August 24th, 2020 – and time flies! For more information on The Alberta’s Artist in Residence check out their website here, and then create away, you gifted geniuses! Good luck to all of you!

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