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The Leftovers Foundation is rescuing food from restaurant closures

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Calgary Leftovers Foundation

The restaurant scene, like many other industries, has taken an unfortunate hit. As most of you know, many have had to close amid the current coronavirus outbreak. In an attempt to report on the brighter side of things, because of this, a local charity called the Calgary Leftovers Foundation has seen an influx in donations.

The Calgary Leftovers Foundation is a local food rescue charity with the dual mission of reducing food waste and increasing food access. They are working hard to make sure none of this food goes uneaten, but also could use some help with volunteering. If you’ve got the time, take a look and see how you can help!

Just know, we take no joy in having to report untimely and unexpected closures. We love talking about thriving, new and innovative restaurants week after week! However, it is nice to know that there are proactive organizations like this one, making the best such an unfortunate situation.

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CLF has acquired inventory from the SAIT Culinary program and CIBO among others, which all chose to suspend operations. Thousands of pounds of food will now be dropped off to places like the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Fresh Start Recovery. This is huge, guys.

Thanks to volunteers, the kindness of business owners and CLF, Calgarians now have one more place to look to feed their families.

If you’re a business owner and would like to contribute, to the Calgary Leftovers Foundation you can check out their website here.