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Stop, smell the flowers and eat all the brunch at Reader’s Garden Cafe

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So, you’ve decided to take the morning off and are wondering whether or not Reader’s Garden Cafe is worth checking out. Well, let us tell you that if you’re looking for a classic breakfast in a nostalgic setting, it’s hard to beat.

readers garden cafe

Set inside the Reader Rock Garden on McLeod Trail and 25th Avenue, the cafe is an urban oasis. It might be the perfect lawn, the flowers, or that bench outside, but we can feel our heart rates lower while we’re here.

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readers cafe inside

Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’re in your great grandmother’s house. We won’t lie to you, it’s definitely a vibe. But, we like pretending that we’re sitting down during the 1930s for a home cooked meal, so it works.

readers garden bench

And boy, is it ever a home-cooked meal. The shining here star is the brunch feature. Why? Because it’s based on whatever the chef gets from the local markets.

readers garden food

We’re talking fresh eggs, maybe a scone, and whatever else the chef is feeling that day. You can get a classic breakfast, of course, but would you put in a request at grandma’s house?

reader's garden cafe

No, you’d assume that whatever’s coming out of that kitchen is going to hit the spot just right. And that’s what you should assume at Reader’s Garden Cafe, too.

Reader’s Garden Cafe

Hours: Wednesday to Friday, 10:30AM-3PM and Saturday/Sunday, 9:30AM-3PM
Where: 311 25 Avenue SE

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