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Happy Hour of the Week: Cooky cocktails at an underground comedy club

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There’s something incredibly satisfying about taking your friends somewhere they’ve never been before. This happy hour of the week could be that place. The underground speakeasy is a promised stroke to the ego. Not only will your friends not have been there before, but they’ll also probably actually like it. Two birds with one stone kinda thing.

There’s absolutely no shortage of fun to be had under the red lights of Calgary’s Tea House. Let’s take a look.


tea house bar

Owned and operated by pro chefs and cooky cocktail enthusiasts, The Tea House menu is intended to start a conversation. That means you might be able to skip that empty first date small talk and get right into the good stuff. Thanks, Tea House!

The Tea house

But, if your date is lacking in the personality department, the drink selection of the menu has more than enough to make up for it. Everything is out-of-this-world unconventional. It’s all super inventive and crafted with love. We’d recommend the Post-Water-Melon, which is a funny name that hides the tequila punch it carries.

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the tea house drinks

This spot isn’t just for indulging in drinks, though. Fill your stomach with the steamed pork buns, charcoal-grilled lemon chicken, or the dumplings. Ahhh. A solid foundation for another drink.

This bar is also kind of a playground. Paddle back and forth and the ping pong tables, or prove how tone deaf you actually are on the karaoke machine. If that’s not your thing, check out The Tea House on Thursdays for comedy night, where you’ll laugh at people who openly invite giggling.

tea house comedian

Also, they take the term “happy hour” quite literally at The Tea House. High balls, beer, wine and shots off the wall are only $6 and select items off the food menu are almost half price. But only from 6-7 pm, and only from Wednesday to Saturday.

Looks like we might be fighting each other off to grab a table. Good luck and cheers, Calgary.


Where:  1213 1st Street SW, Calgary
Happy Hour: Wednesday – Saturday; 6:00pm – 7:00pm

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